Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Makeup Basics 101: Powder

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Im sorry I've been slacking on my Back 2 Basic series I call Makeup 101. For my Makeup 101 series I will be covering everything from Foundation to Concealer and from Lipliners to Lipstick. I last left off with Foundation. Over the past couple of months I've explained what is foundation, like the textures and finishes and I also have given reviews on different types of Foundations.

If you've missed any of those post I will post the links below.

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In the future I will do more reviews on Foundations because I have tons of Foundation but Im just rambling now so let's get on to Makeup 101 Powder.


What are powders and what are they used for?

Powder are one of the most basic makeup products, and are often the only makeup product that women use. Powders are basically used to absorb excess oil from the skin and prevent the face from shining. It acts as a base for your foundation and is applied to the face to help keep your foundation in place.

What types of powders are there?

There are 2 main types of makeup available, loose powder which are packed in containers and pressed powder which is stored in compacts.

Loose powder is used by makeup professionals and does not contain any binding agent. The powder should be applied in the morning before leaving home, so that the face looks fresh for the rest of the day. Since loose powder absorbs excess oil, it should be used for oily or normal skin.

Powder compacts which are convenient to carry, contain compressed powder. Pressed powder is used for touching up the makeup whenever required throughout the day. Usually pressed powder is applied with a sponge, but using a powder brush may gives a better finish.

How to apply Powder?

Make sure your skin is dry when your applying powder. You dont want to apply Powder to moist skin because it can createstreaks. If your face is moist, remove the excess moisture using a blotting paper and then apply the powder. Follow those steps if your applying only powder, but if your applying powder over your foundation. Allow your foundation to completely dry than lighty dust on your powder. Powder should be applied with a powder brush in a downward motion and only apply your powder on your t-zone, your cheeks, and your chin.

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