Saturday, January 22, 2011

Revlon PhotoReady vs Revlon Colorstay

Hey Dolls!

Revlon has really been trying to stay in the game in order to keep up with high end foundations. And I must say Revlon is doing a great job at it! Many people compares Revlon Colorstay to MAC Studio Fix Fluid and also have compared Revlon PhotoReady to Make Up For Ever HD foundation. I must say Revlon is doing a great job at staying competitive and creating great quality foundation with drug store prices. Today I will be compairing their Colorstay foundation and their PhotoReady foundation. Both are excellent foundations but both are also very different in size, formula, and color.

Revlon PhotoReady vs Revlon Colorstay

Revlon PhotoReady

*Has a pump

*Not runny at all

*SPF 20

*Has sheen to it/gives a shiny glow

*Great color

*It drys quickly

*Not Photo friendly

*Only has 1 formula

*Not a wide range of color

*Goes on sheer but buildable coverage

*Great lasting power

*Has 12 colors

Revlon Colorstay

*No pump

*A little runny

*SPF 6

*Matte with no shine in it

*Dull flat color

*Doesnt dry fast

*Great for photos

*Has 2 different formulas: Combination/Oily skin and Noraml/Dry skin

*Has a wide range of colors

*Goes on opaque, but can blend and buff out to be sheer

*Great lasting power

*Combination/Oily Skin has 20 colors and Normal/Dry has 12 colors

Here are swatches of Revlon PhotoReady and Revlon Colorstay

As you can see the Cappuccino in the Colorstay has more of a red undertone and is darker than the PhotoReady cappuccino. The PhotoReady Cappuccino has a yellow undertone.

The PhotoReady Mocha has a more Red undertone than the Colorstay. The Colorstay doesnt really have a Yellow undertone or a Red undetone its a neutral.

Which one to purchase?
If you want your skin to have a matte finish than go with Revlon Colorstay and if you want your skin to have a healthy glowly than go with Revlon PhotoReady.

I hope this was helpful dolls!
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Call Me Alisha ッ said...

great review i was going to buy both and and try them.. but I think aim going to buy the photo ready first!
thank you

Chanel said...

I find it odd that the Revlon PhotoReady is not photo friendly.

Keisha said...

Thanks for the comment Hun ;0) Yeah try it out and let me know what you think

Lol I find that odd too! How is it going to be a foundation for photos and its packed with SPF!

jazzyphizz said...

How would you compare them to Make Up Forever's HD? I love my MUF foundation but I would love to find a cheaper version

Keisha said...

I dont own MUFE HD foundation so I cant really compare it to Revlon PhotoReady but my best friend owns both Revlon PhotoReady and MUFE HD and she says there nothing alike.

For a Cheaper foundation but still has great quality like a high end foundation I recommen Revlon Colorstay

I hope that was helpful