Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Versatile Blog Award

I got this award a Longggggg, Longgggg time ago. I feel so bad and I want to apologize to the Lovely Danielle who gave this award to me. When I got this award alot of things were going on in my life, my great-grandmother passed away, me and my husband both lost our job, and we had to move from our house to another state, so I took a break and stopped blogging to focus on getting my life back on track. So my deepest apologize for not getting to this sooner.

Here are the Rules:
#1 Link the person who gave you the award: Danielle from blkprincess87 (Thank u :D)

#2 List 7 things about myself
1. I just celebrated my 1 year wedding Anniversary
2. I started a 2nd blog about my Family
3. Starting my own Children's Party Decorating business
4. Going to start back school in January (it's been a whole yr)
5. Still don't have my driver's license 
6. No longer have a right toe nail
7. I currently trying to lose 60 pounds... wish me luck!

#3 Award 15 other Bloggers

Once again Thank you Danielle for this fantastic blog! I truly appreciate it! 

Love, Lipgloss, and Blessings!


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