Monday, November 5, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 4: Dark Fall Lips

Hey Dolls!

Happy Sunday!

I had Communion tonight at church and today's makeup Challenge was Dark Fall lips. I didn't really want to wear a red lipstick to church so I opted for a purple. I wanted to do a nude eye but at the last minute I said what the heck it's going to be dark maybe no one will notice my dark eyes and dark lips. Boy! was I ever wrong Lol

So here's Day 4 Dark Fall Lips 
I hope you Enjoy!

Haha my baby girl made me laugh and I ended up blinking =D

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Primer
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse- Cocoa
Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam- Cocoa
MAC LoveRush Blush

NYX JESP in Pots n Pans
NYX JESP in Slate
e.l.f. 144 Bright Eyeshadow Palette: (see photo to the right sidebar)
L4 (inner lid)
L9 (Mid Lid)
G9 (outer lid)
MAC Fig 1 e/s  (outer lid)
MAC Beauty Marked e/s (outer v)
MAC Sketch e/s (crease)
Maybelline gel liner
e.l.f. liquid liner
NYC Mascara

Black Radiance Lipliner in Eggplant
NYX Violet Ray Lipstick

I've had this sweater for 2 years now and really wanted to wear it but after seeing my right arm (It looks like a big piece of Hamhock.. sad face and tear Lol) I'm NEVER wearing it again!!!!!
And after seeing my makeup this looks likes some really good New Years Eve Makeup.

Love you Dolls! Muahhhh!!!

xoxo Keisha


La said...

So pretty! Grey/silver shadows never look good on me, but they look awesome on you... I'm going to challenge myself though and try it out! I look the dark eyes dark lip combo.

Keisha said...

Thank you so much sis! You should try a lighter silver/Grey shadow. Like for my skin tone I use MAC Silver Ring and MAC Knight Divine but you should try MAC Idol Eyes, it's a lighter silver.