Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obsession: Clean n Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Treatment

Hi Dolls!

Okay, so for the last 2 years I've been using Clean n Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Treatment and can I say I'm ADDICTED!!! I literally buy one every month. I feel like I can't survive without my spot treatment. lol

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I could get a pimple and apply my spot treatment and next thing I know its gone. Can this make your pimples disappear overnight No, but what I love most about it, is that it really does works. You just have to apply it to your skin regimen and it will give your skin an amazing appearance.

I apply the Clean n Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Treatment to my face 3 to 4 times a day. When I have a breakout I apply it to the area that needs it the most. And even when I don't have a breakout I still use it. I apply it every morning after I wash my face and every night after I was my face and put on my moisturizer.

If you haven't tired this yet and you may sometimes get breakouts every now and then or even get breakouts when its that time of the month, then I definitely recommend giving this a try.

Have a blessed and wonderful day Ladies!

xoxo Keisha


Chanel Tonè said...

Hey love.
I found you on google when I was looking for eyeshadows that I thought would look flattering on WOC that wanted to create a neutral smokey eye and then I came across your site. I just wanted to extend my thanks and let you know that I will refer to this list while shopping this week for my neutral eye palettes!

Stay FABulous,

P.S. Happy Birthday to your husband and niece :D

Keisha said...

@Chanel Tone

Thank you so much Chanel!
I'm so happy to hear you found my blog and I really hope my blogs helps you find all that you need and more. And I would love to see your neutral smokey eye :0)

Sara Haidle said...

hey, I noticed in your pictures there was one tube that says "Acne Spot Treatment" and another tube that says "Fast Clearing Spot Treatment". I cannot figure out if there's a difference between these! Are they basically the same?

Sara Haidle said...

I see in the pics that you have a tube that says "Fast Clearing Spot Treatment" and another that says "Acne Spot Treatment". Do you know if there's a difference?