Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Smoked & Shimmered Purples

Hey Dolls!
This a makeup look that I did a week or 2 ago. So I wanted to share this look with you dolls! Ya'll know I love purple eyeshadow and lately I've haven't been in the mood to wear makeup. I dont know why but for 4 days straight I didnt wear any makeup and that's not like me, so one night I decided to break out my favorite eyeshadow colors: PURPLES!!! Lol I didn't want to use the usual purples that I always go to MAC Fig 1, Parafait Amour, or Sketch. So I decided to use a Shimmer Purple eyeshadow called MAC Beauty Marked. It's a purple eyeshadow with Red shimmer! For my Highlight I normally use MAC Ricepaper but that night I used MAC Motif for my highlight. Motif is a gold color but has a pink sheen to it so I thought it would look perfect paired with MAC beauty Marked.






Here are the products I used... (All MAC unless other wise stated)


Foundation: Revlon Colorstay in Cappuccino and Studio Tech in NW45 (cheeks only)

Powder: Studio Fix in NW50

Bronzer: CG Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer in Ebony Bronze


Espresso eyeshadow

N.Y.C Brow wax

Studio Finish Concealer in NW45


Primer: TFSI

Tear duct: Motif and Dreammaker

Lid: Beauty Marked
Crease: Contrast
Brow bone: Handwritten
Highlight: Motif
Liner: E.L.F. Brightening eyeliner in Black
Lashes: Red Cherry #218
Mascara: Maybellin The Falsies


Lipstick: Freshbrew and Creme Cup

Finish: C-Thru Lipglass

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a great day dolls ;0)




Sher said...

beautiful and very glam hun,i love it hope u had a lovely xmas

lovelifelive4evr said...

Very pretty love! I like it! Just an FYI --I'm going to copy it! Lol!

Thanks for sharing!


Keisha said...

Aww Thanks hun ;0) And yes I had a lovely Christmas!

Aww Thank you Donna! If you do this look I would love to see ;0) Email me pictures @

lovelifelive4evr said...

I will! Did you use a dark base at all? I can never get beauty marked to look like anything other than black on me! Lol! And you are making me want to grab Fresh Brew!!!


Keisha said...

Aww I would love that! No, I didn't use a dark base, I didn't use any base at all actually. But what you could do is use a White base underneath MAC Beauty Marked so the color could be more vibrant and not look black.
Lol! yes, def get Freshbrew lipstick it's a great everyday color and can go with almost any eyeshadow

lovelifelive4evr said...

Keisha! Because of you I almost bought fresh brew last night! Its soooooooooooo super pretty! But I have to be good! However, I am ordering some palettes from MAC and when I depot I am grabbing that! Lol!!! Thanks for adding to my neutral addiction! :)

Ok, I'm done stalking your comment section now! =)

Keisha said...

Lol! Aww you truly have put a smile on my face and have made me laugh ;0) I have to agree with you Freshbrew is super pretty! It's my favorite Donna I wear it too much ;0)