Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to: Choose the right Foundation

Hey Dolls!

Today I'm going to talk about Skin Types, What Foundations best suits your skin type and How to choose the right foundation.


Q: How to choose the right Foundation?
A: knowing how to choose the right Foundation means you have to know what skin type you are. For instant, If you have Oily skin (like myself) you wouldn't want to choose a foundation with oil in it, instead you would pick out something that is Oil-free.

Skin Types

Normal Skin
Normal skin is when you have no oiliness, no break outs, so basically flawless skin. Lucky you :0)Normal skin should feel smooth and clean. And rarely may have a spot breakout and very small pores. After washing Normal skin still feels smooth to the touch.
Best Recommendations: For Normal Skin the best type of Foundation is Liquid Foundation or a Powder foundation

Dry Skin
How to know if you have dry is when your skin feels very dry, flaky, tight or ruff to the touch. You will have very tiny pores and can be dry and tight after washing. Dry skin is lucky to because you dont breakouts. Dry skin can also lead to more lines and wrinkles.
Best Recommendation: For Dry Skin the best type of foundation is Cream Foundation

Combination Skin
Combination Skin is when you have maybe an oil T-zone but the rest of your face is dry like your cheeks. This happened when you have two different skin types- a combination of Oily and Dry skin type.This requires you to have separate treatments for each problem area. You will have enlarged pores and occasional breakouts in your oily areas.
Best Recommendation: For Combination Skin the best type of Foundation is Liquid Foundation that is made for Combination skin or using a Stick Foundation

Oily Skin
Oily skin is when you T-zone is shiny and you are prone to acne. The T-zone is your forehead, nose, and chin. You will have large pores and your skin will be prone t blackheads. When you wash your face at first it will feel tight but a few minutes later it will get back oily again.
Best Recommendation: For Oily skin the best type of foundation is oil-free Liquid Foundation or a stick foundation with a matte finish.

Now, that you know your skin type and what foundation best suits you it, it should be easy to find the right foundation.

I really hope this was helpful in finding out which skin type you have and which type of foundation is the right one for you! Good Luck!


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