Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation Time!!

Hey Dolls!

Prom is now officially over and on to Graduation time!!! Congratulations to everyone who graduated this year… 2010!!!

Today was my cousin’s graduation and she wanted me to do her hair. So, last night I straighten her hair so it could be easier for me to tactual the day of her graduation. I had finals today so when I came home from school I started to curl her hair. I left a center part down the middle because she had to wear her cap for graduation. Brandee’s hair came out so pretty, the curls were loose and flowy!

Here’s a picture from last night when I straighten her hair! That girl has some hair!!



And here’s the finish look

Congrats Brandee!!! I’m so proud of you girly!!!

‘till next time Dolls!



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