Monday, May 31, 2010

Brandee's Hair

Hey Dolls!

A couple of weeks ago my cousin, Brandee asked me if I could straighten her hair. Ok, I have to be honest my first thought was oh no, but that’s because my cousin’s hair is so long its down her back and it’s super thick and curly. But then my second thought was of course I’d do it. She wanted her hair straighten because she wanted it to be more manageable so that she could do different hairstyles. She express that she didn’t want it bone straight just a light press.

Here’s the before picture after I washed and blow dried her hair

My cousin really needed her ends trimmed because they were really dry and damaged but I’m not a professional hairstylist and I didn’t want to cut them uneven or cut to much so advised her to go to a professional and get her ends cut. So after I finished her hair I coat it with a oil sheen spray to add shine. All Finished!!

Here’s the After


Doing Brandee's hair made me realize maybe I should go back to Cosmetology school, because I still do enjoy doing hair from time to time and it wouldn't be a bad thing to make extra money on the side.

Hope you Dolls enjoy your week!

'till next time Dolls!

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