Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weight Loss Journey | Transformation Tuesday

Hey Dolls!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Transformation Tuesday!

I use to see so many woman post on Instagram their before and after pictures and I use to always say to myself I wish I could do that. I wasn't brave enough to post my photos in the beginning. I hated how much weight I gained. Every Tuesday, came and I would make a photo collage and never post it. Then one Tuesday, I decided that I was no longer that 'before' picture and that 'before' picture doesn't represent who I am now, but a reflection of where I started and who I was before.

I finally did it!
I posted it!

May 1, 2017 I posted my first Transformation Tuesday post.

When I posted my first transformation Tuesday post I got so much feed back, so many encouraging comments. It touched my heart to see so many people rooting for me and following my weight loss journey. I was always the one liking and commenting on everyone else's transformation Tuesdays, always afraid to post my own, but too see their before and after photos truly encouraged me on my journey. It helped me stay focus and helped me crush my goals one by one. I now look forward to my Transformation Tuesday post. It shows how far I've come and it shows me that if I can achieve weight loss victory I can achieve anything.

Here is my current Transformation Tuesday post. I hope my Transformation Tuesday post encourage you as well and help you along on your journey. I no longer say, Before and After because I haven't recreached my after just quit yet. I still have more goals to crush and more transforming to do. No matter if your transforming your weight, your style, your home, your career, your inner self just continue to strive and never give up. Never give up on your goals or your desires. I once gave up on myself and lost myself, but now I put myself, my goals, and my dreams first and I want you all to do the same.

I Love you guys!

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