Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NOTW: Head Mistress

Hey Dolls!

Yes, 3rd Nail polish Of The Week in a row! I'm on my nail polish game. I'v been buying nail polish left and right. After wearing an Aqua, Purple, and lime Green I thought to myself what I am I doing it's Fall!!! I realized its Fall and I'm not wearing any Fall colors. So I was on the hunt for something dark!

I didn't want anything Red because I have like 5 million Reds. Yeah Right! Look what I walked out the store with.... a Red!! :0)

Head Mistress: a Red Red

Okay! Okay! I said no Reds but when I got to CVS this Red really caught my eye. It was a deep red with kind of a maroon feel to it. I'm definatly going to wear this color again when it gets closer to the Holidays.

Love you Dolls! Muahhh!!!

I would love to know what nail polish colors your wearing this Fall?


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