Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update! Keisha what have you been up to?

Hey Dolls!

I'm BACK!!! And I have a huge update for you Ladies! Okay, to start off I first want to say Welcome to my new followers and a Hello to my dolls. I know I haven't been doing much bloggin lately but that's because I now go to school and work.

Yes, you heard me right I work now! I don't know if you dolls remember but back in November of last year I moved to a different state and had to start my WHOLE life over! I needed to find a new school and a new job. Well, it wasn't that easy :0(
I looked high and low for a job and I couldn't find one. It took me over 6 months to find a job. But, now I have a job and I'm loving it.

I'm currently working in Apparel. I've worked in Apparel for over 5 years so it was right where I'm suppose to be. I'm truly blessed and thank God that I have a job I that can work my talent and gifts at.

Okay, so on to more GOOD news. Everytime I log in I notice my followers get higher and higher which I am very grateful for that. So, as promised when I reach 100 followers I will be having an GIVEAWAY! YAYYY! Right now I am currently at 99 so be looking out for me to post the goodies I plan to giveaway. All of the giveaway goodies are summer related products that you dolls can use in the summer so I hope you enjoy ;0)

I love you dolls so much and thank you for all the sweet and lovely comments and for all your support!

I plan to start back bloggin more, so be on the look for more Product Reviews, Face of the Day looks and I'm even going to throw in some Outfit of the Day looks as well.




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