Sunday, May 1, 2011

Papaya Haul

Hey Dolls!

Last week I went to the mall with my family and my boyfriend and we did alittle shopping. Im not a big fan of warm weather but I do love wearing dresses and skirts when its warm.

The closest mall to where I live at is alittle over an hour away and they only have 2 clothing stores and thats Papaya and Rue 21. I really wanted to go to Charlotte Russe but thats in awhole nother mall so I just stuck with Papaya. I cant seem to never find anything in Rue 21 that I like so I just brought a necklace. And from Papaya I got a black and white stripped dress that came with a brown belt and a Floral print skirt with a white tee.

Floral skirt $22.99

White t-shirt $5.99

Black and White stripped Dress $16.99

I just loved the different colors in the skirt and I also loved that it has pockets, and the buttons were cute too.

Puffy ruffles sleeve shirts are my favorite right now. I own 3 different color shirts like this!

Here's the necklace I got from Rue 21. It cost me $12.00

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lovelifelive4evr said...

I love both fits that you have! OMGosh!!! You don't like warm weather? I live for it... I can't wait for the weather to break so I can finally wear my open toe shoes... I hate cold weather!

I wish we had a Papaya here, this place SUCKS!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Sher said...

great haul!!