Monday, May 16, 2011

My Current OBSESSION: Sally Hansen Nail Strips

Hey Dolls!

Ever since I first tried Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips I've been hooked! Im always buying a new pair and slapping them on. There so simple and easy to apply!

I even got my mom, sister, ans Aunt hooked on them ;0)

So, the other day when I went to Walgreen's with my boyfriend and found these...

... I went crazy with excitement! Yes, the stick is right! They were only $2.50 each. I normally pay $8.50 for them but at Walgreen's there a little bit higher, there $9.99 so I was excited to see some on clearance so I brought Four.

I brought: Cut it out, Groove, Squeezed, and Blue Ice

Have you dolls tried any Sally Hansen Nail Strips? If so which ones?

Have a Fabulous Day!

love keisha


HelloEmy said...

what! $2.50!.... hope they still have that going on today! haha. I been wanting to get the leopard one but theyre always out :(

Dee O. said...

My little sister is OBSESSED with these!! They look really cool though, I definitely want to give them a try! Unfortunately the ones at our nearby store are 10 dollars -__-


Kelly said...

Aww poop wonder if they're still on clearance.

tailorstitch said...

I NEED to try these! I wonder If I can get them here in the UK, I should find out