Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Celebration

Hey Dolls!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. As you can see from the BIG smile on my face I enjoyed my Christmas, I had a Blast!

On Christmas morning I woke up to my niece and nephew giggling so hard with joy and the delicious smell of my mom's Ham and dressing! Omg I was in heaven! Lol I'm so Thankful for my family ;0)

Princess Ny and Khi the Warrior

(Lol those are the nicknames I call them)

My niece has been asking for a car for forever now so she was so excited to see she finally got her Princess car and my nephew got a Toy Story motorcycle. It was so cute because all Christmas morning they were riding around the whole house on his Buzz light year motorcycle ;0)

Mom's Christmas Dinner
My mom went all out for Christmas dinner like she normally does... We had Ham, Dressing, Greens, Homemade macaroni 'n cheese, potatoe salad, pecan pies and my favorite Sweet potatoes pies. We had a great dinner!

After we had Christmas Dinner and the kids got tired of riding around the house we all got dressed and went to my grandma's house and also ate dinner over there. Than later that night I went to a Christmas party with some of my friends and I had so much fun. We danced all night ;0)

As for my makeup for Christmas was very simple I just paired Gold eyes with Red lipsOn my Eyes I used my Wet n Wild Vanity palette and on my lips I used MAC Diva Lipstick

That's it dolls, that's pretty much my Christmas!

I hope ya'll enjoyed your Christmas and the rest of your Holiday celebrations!




Anonymous said...

Great holiday look. Cute children. Aww. :)

Keisha said...

Aww Thank you Hun ;0)