Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I'm so excited for 2011! I cant wait to see what 2011 brings. I'm in a new location and at a new time in my life and I have so many goals for my life and for my blog ;0) 2010 was a great year for my me and 2011 is going to be better! This year brought me lots of followers that I never thought I would even have and I'm so thankful for all my lovely followers! I Love you dolls so much because of your sweet comments and your feedback my blog has got better and better and has grown so much. My blog will continue to progress in 2011! I have tons of goals for my blog and one of them is to start recording videos for my How series on my blog and my second goal is to review and test out more diverse brands other than MAC. I'm truly a MAC girl at heart and I have been wearing MAC makeup for 7 years now but my goal for my blog has always been to educate Women of Color on what brands are great to use and what looks most flattering on their skin tone so I need to branch out and always try new things and different brands. My last goal for 2011 is to bring you my readers my very best I can give you dolls ;0)

Have a fun and safe New Year dolls!
I Love y'all and God Bless ;0)


Chanel said...

Happy New Years! I can't wait to see what the new year has in store.

Sher said...

Happy New year hun,wish u lots of love,peace,joy,good health&success for 2011..ur blog is wonderful

Keisha said...

Happy New years to you too and Thanks for the Love ;0)

Aww Thank you so much Hun ;0) Happy New years to you too!