Thursday, October 7, 2010

I now have...

because so many people (friends, family, and complete strangers.. Lol) kept asking me too. So, I made a facebook page so click down below and LIKE me
QueenieKeisha on FB

I realized I didnt have an email where my followers and others could get in contact with me. If you have any questions or any request send me an email.

I have a youtube page, but no videos up yet. I am now in the process of recording videos. So I will try and edit them and have them up soon.
QueenieKeisha on YT

Thank you so much for all your love & support


Beverly said...

make a twitter =]

Keisha said...

Lol.. I do have a twitter. Well actually my mom made one for me ;O) But I never use it cus all I do is go to school and my life is pretty boring!