Monday, August 20, 2012

UPDATE: August 2012

Hey dolls!

Oh Boy! Have I've missed ya'll so, so, so, so, so, so, so much! I apologize for being away for so long. So many things have been going on in my life and things were hectic and crazy, but I can say with a smile on my face that I'm BACK! And this time for good! So be ready to see many makeup reviews, Contest and Giveaways, FOTD looks and FOTN looks and so much more.

I want to say a Huge Welcome to all my new followers and Thank all of ya'll for your love and support towards my blog. It truly and really means a lot to me. Sharing my joy and love for makeup with you all has been a life changing experience and I just wish I had the words to express to ya'll how this blog has changed my life in a positive way.

Thank ya'll so much because I Love every single one of ya'll! You guys are my Inspiration...You all are very special to me! I have no words how to thank you for your amazing support! Muahhhh!!!! 

I know alot of ya'll wanna know where in the heck has your girl been and I feel ya'll are my family so I will definitely let ya'll know whats been going on.

Why I haven't been blogging:

Reason #1 When we moved to California in March, Everything was going great at first but then it became hard  because me or my husband couldn't find jobs, so we didn't have income, so No income, No new makeup! So without any new makeup I couldn't keep up with my reviews.

Reason #2 My Camera Sucks!!! No, literally it does! I have a Fujifilm FinePix J38 12.2 Mega Pixels and it broke :( I was so upset because with No camera, therefore no pictures for my blog! And the worst part is I only owned my camera for 1 year and 4 months and it broke, the lens and shutter will not open or close right :(

Reason #3 I wore makeup maybe a total of 5 times the whole Summer. (Yes, me! I only wore makeup 5 times since May) It was wayyyyyyy to Hot to be wearing a full face of makeup. Man, I could not even put on my lovely Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation and even walk to the mailbox, it was so Hot! 105 degrees at 4pm in the afternoon. It was way too Hot for all of that and my skin is oily, so the heat just makes my makeup look a Hot Mess!!!!!

Reason #4 Breakouts! Bad Breakouts! My skin have never broke out this bad in my life and I've had my fair share of pimples, but none ever like this. I kept trying different cleansers, like Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne grapefruit face wash and I also tried Cetaphil Face wash. Cetaphil broke me out soooooooooooo bad it was ridiculous!!! So, I definitely didn't want to wear any makeup or let alone post pictures of myself.

But through everything that has happened I have stayed Faithful, Determined, and Positive! I truly believe if you Pray and stay Positive things will turn itself around for the better and work itself out. When he closed one door, he always opens another! And now they finally did, because me and my Hubby are now employed.  I have been working on a new skin remedy for my skin, I purchased some new makeup items for reviews, and I very excited to start posting makeup looks, because the whether will be cooling down soon.

So, I love you all and you will be back posting regularly! Kissessss!!! Besos!!!

Love, Lipgloss, and Blessings,


La said...

I've missed you so much!!! I'm glad you are doing well, and trust me I know how you feel to be hot and put on a full face. I was going to a cookout and I wanted to wear makeup. I got in my car and turned on the air immediately so my face wouldn't drip! Lol!

Keisha said...

Awww Thank you so much! I've missed you too ;0) It's been too hot. A cookout sounds like a lot of fun. I know that's right I would have turned on that ac so fast! lol but I hate when my makeup drips so I try to avoid makeup the whole summer if I can!