Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Time!!

Hey Dolls!

Happy Saturday Loves! I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend! Yeah it's Saturday so that means the weekend is almost over, so I'm a little sad about the weekend ending so soon but I'm happy because Halloween is just around the corner! Yayyy!!!

Halloween is one of my most favorite Holidays. You get to dress up, go to costume parties, eat tons of sweets(well i do that all year long anyways)and did I mention get dressed up! LOL! That's my favorite thing to do is wear different costumes. So, I will be posting different Halloween Looks all next week. I don't know just yet which looks I plan on doing but I think a Zombie, Dorothy Dandridge, and maybe a Barbie! Oh yeah and for sure I'm doing Snooki. LOL! My sisters and I always watch Jersey Shore and it first started as a joke for me to do Snooki for Halloween but now I really plan to do a Snooki look.

I hope you Dolls have a great week and enjoy my Halloween Looks ;0)

'till next time!


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